NaNo Day 15

Halfway through the month and I’m waaay behind on word count. I’m struggling through this one. By the time I get home from work, sitting down to write isn’t always what I want to do. It’s a good thing I will have Thursday and Friday off next week. That’s four days of writing, I hope.

I’m not sure what my characters are up to, but they’re not giving me much help. But I’ll keep plodding along; and introducing new characters; and chiding the current ones to get with the program. 

NaNo progress

So here it is Day 3 and I’m already behind on word count. But that’s okay because I know I’ll catch up before the end of the month. Several of my writing buddies are way ahead of me, and a few are way behind. But it is only Day 3. I didn’t write at all yesterday because of work, and appointments I had after work, and having to eat dinner. I planned to at least write a little, but after almost falling asleep over my keyboard I decided sleep would be more beneficial than writing junk because I was too tired to think.

I made my word count today and on Day 1. And tomorrow is another day…