Status Report

The latest blood work shows that my white and red counts are normal and holding steady, which means my immune system is in good shape, and I have the green light for – sushi! Something I have missed so much since I started chemo back in November.

However, my CEA and liver enzymes continue to creep upwards, I’m having shortness of breath without exertion, and a dry hacking cough. The shortness of breath could be the Alimta, it could be allergies, it could by COPD, it could be any number of things. Same thing for the cough. But if they were caused by allergies, there should be a decrease on the days I’m taking the Dexamethasone, and there isn’t. The increase in liver enzymes and CEA could be related and could just be an effect of the chemo. So my next appointment will include another CT scan ahead of schedule. And if the symptoms get worse, I’m to let the team know and they might do the CT scan even sooner.

I’m feeling okay, so I’m thinking there probably isn’t anything going on with the cancer just now, but the symptoms are troubling anyway. I didn’t sleep well at all last night because of the Dexamethasone, and that med upped my pulse and BP today. But my O2 saturation levels are maintaining at around 97%, which is great.

So I’m basically in another holding pattern, but staying positive. And now it’s nap time!

Favorite foods

Sometimes, being a vegetarian can be boring as there are so many things I don’t like. Well, I’m not a strict vegetarian I just don’t eat meat except fish, and fish is only once or twice a week. But there are some things that are probably sorta weird that I do eat. For example, my favorite sandwich is avocado with cream cheese and honey. When my partner first suggested it, I thought that sounded disgusting. But I tried it, and now I love it! There is something about the different textures, colors, and tastes that make this one great!

We also have discovered salmon burgers from Costco. They are made with wild-caught Alaska salmon, which is the only kind we will eat. Atlantic salmon is farmed, and has color (and who knows what else!) added. And I believe they have to throw in antibiotics because the fish are in such close quarters than any infection spreads like wildfire. But back to salmon burgers; these make for a wonderfully simple meal with salad or a few vegetables.

And sushi. I first tried sushi shortly after I moved in with my partner. It didn’t sound appealing, but I was willing to give it a try. So something else I love! I’m not very adventurous when it comes to food, but I love sushi. It’s a rare treat for us to go to our favorite little local sushi place, which is a storefront in a strip mall. But the sushi there is so much better than the big fancy places that have sprung up over the last few years. The place is smaller, too, and only seats about 25 people, so if you want sushi on a weekend, get there early!

There are foods I ate in my younger years that I loved, and would probably still eat if they weren’t meat, like roast beef and yorkshire pudding, pork cracklins, blood pudding, hot pastrami sandwiches. Some I still eat like mashed potatoes and gravy (vegetarian gravy, of course), and banana sandwiches.

What about you? Do you have favorite or weird things (or both!) you like to eat?