Childlike wonder

Do you remember when you were a child and excited about your birthday? Special holidays? Do you remember the sense of wonder you experienced when you saw a flower?

The first time you saw a butterfly?

Do you remember lying in the grass on a warm summer’s night and trying to count the stars? Staring at the moon?

Where did that sense of awe and wonder go? As we grew up, we became enmeshed in the competitive world of school and work; finding a mate; marriage; kids; and all that other ‘grownup’ stuff. I sometimes think we would be better off and live in a more wonderful world if we could recapture that sense of wonder. I know I am awed each spring when the palo verdes begin to bloom; each tree shouts yellow and then the blooms are gone. The cactus plants bloom in vivid reds and yellows attracting even more vividly colored butterflies.

I hope I never lose this sense of awe and wonder that I have re-discovered.

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