Small Steps

We finally have curtains up; and switch covers; and vents! Woo hoo! Managed to unpack about 5 huge boxes yesterday – 4 of those boxes were books – and found homes for everything in the 5th box. Unpacking books is always an adventure for me; I found books I didn’t remember I had and found other books that I have missed – like old friends who are out of touch for a couple of years. Every book had to be examined, inspected, dusted, shaken, and then I had to decide which bookshelf should hold it. Sometimes I had to leaf through the book to my favorite parts, And that’s why I only unpacked 5 boxes all day! 🙂

There are still boxes piled in the dining room, and there are more boxes of books waiting to be opened. We had boxes of stuff in the storage shed for a couple of years, so getting to open them is like a Birthday Party – I never know what’s in the next package. But we are making progress. The dogs seem settled into a routine; we are starting to find our way around a new neighborhood; and we are comfortable here even though we’ve really only been here 2 weeks.