We always have choices. We may not like what they are, but they are our choices regardless. Sometimes, it’s a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea, but it’s still a choice. I hear people moaning about how they had no choice, and I want to shake them and tell them to wake up. Here’s an example:

Suppose I hate my job. I would love to quit but think I have no choice but to keep working. But that is wrong. I can choose to keep working at this job because it means I can eat and have a roof over my head; I can quit my job and perhaps lose my home; I can find another job that I like better (or hate less!) There are probably other options besides these three.

We make choices every day; what to eat, what to wear, whether or not to respond to an email or voice mail and how to respond. Some are conscious decisions; others we make without thinking about it. Doing nothing at all is also a choice. Sometimes we feel so paralyzed by the options available that we choose to do nothing.

Joyce Sequichie Hifler said:  “If we don’t choose what we want in our lives, then life will decide for us.” It is up to us whether we will just roll with whatever comes our way or fight for what we want out of life. We don’t have to agree with everything we see and hear; we must think and act for ourselves, for what we want out of life. There is always a choice.