Success in Life

I watched a football game yesterday. Not remarkable, really, but it started me thinking.

The game was the Minnesota Vikings and the New Orleans Saints. I have been a Saints fan almost from the beginning; the franchise started in 1967 and had their first winning season in 1987. During some of that first 20 years, Saints fans would attend games with paper bags over their heads and called the team the Aints. Yesterday, the Saints beat the Vikings and are going to the Super Bowl; for the first time; ever.

Life can be like that sometimes; we try and try and just can’t win. Then one day, we win. But it doesn’t just happen; it takes hard work, preparation, persistence, and belief that we can do it. I might have yelled at the TV a few times during a Saints game (OK, a lot of times!) but I never lost faith that some day they would make it to a Super Bowl. I just didn’t think it would take 43 years!

Isn’t that like our lives? Somehow, we pick ourselves up and keep going forward. We might get knocked down a time or two, yet we keep going. Sir Winston Churchill said it best:
“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.”

So have faith, in yourself, in your family members, in your friends, that success will come.