We seem to be having a lot of disasters lately; earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, flooding, drought, you name it it has happened in the last year. People tend to become immune after a while to pleas for help or feel helpless that they can’t help. But you can help. There are many organizations out there that are sending supplies, people, and money to sites of disasters. There are also scam artists who take advantage of times like these to take your money. So be careful and research the charities you are considering sending your hard-earned money to. My personal favorite is World Care. They are based here in Tucson and have done a lot with little to help others:   http://www.worldcare.org/

Some people don’t give money because they think they can’t give enough to make a difference. But consider this; if 100 people donate $1 each, that’s $100; if 1,000 people donate $1, that’s $1,000. So please give what you can. Many people giving small amounts can make a huge difference!