There are times when I can’t wait to sit down and write because the ideas come pouring out of my brain faster than my fingers can type. There are other times when I can stare at the blank screen for a long time and welcome any distraction to get up. Like now when I hear the washer beeping that the cycle is done. And now the dogs are barking so I have to go see who is walking past the house – it could have been someone sinister instead of the couple walking their dogs on the other side of the street. And now the dryer is beeping, so I have to go get the clothes out and hang them up or they will wrinkle.

And there’s the tone that tells me I have a new email message; and now there’s a new tweet to read; and here comes a Facebook response to something I wrote.

 My partner needs help figuring out something on the computer. And the dogs are barking again; this time it’s someone walking to the bus stop, but they are on our side of the street this time.

It’s a wonder anything gets done around here!