The Price of Being Sick

Oh, where to start on this one!! So I have pretty good insurance even though there’s a huge deductible. Today, I found out a few facts that blew me away.

I called the hospital billing office where the bulk of my deductible is being billed and said I wanted to set up a payment plan. I told the woman how much I could afford to pay monthly; her response was if I couldn’t pay what they wanted me to pay, they could still send me to collections, even if I was making payments. So how is that fair? If I don’t make their minimum monthly payment, my credit gets ruined? And to add insult to injury, another hospital in their system owes me a refund – since Dec 5th – of about $1,000. Now that’s not chump change; that’s a good bit of what I could use to pay the bill to the other hospital. When would I get my check? I asked. I’ll put in the request for processing today – it will take 4-6 weeks before it’s mailed. Excuse me, I say; you’ve owed me this money for almost a month; nobody made any attempt to process a refund; and you can’t apply it to the other bill because it’s a different hospital even though the billing is in the same office?? That’s correct, she says.

By the time I got done dealing with that and with my Disability Insurance company (oh, wait until I get started on that one!), I was exhausted. Tomorrow I intend to call the hospital that owes me a refund and find out why nothing was ever done about it before now!

Stay tuned!