I fear for our country. There is so much hatred flying around it’s downright scary. Name calling, death threats, are all out there. If you don’t agree with someone’s opinion, that’s fine. Calling in death threats, accusing someone who doesn’t agree with you of being a Communist, Socialist, Fascist, whatever, is childish. America was built on dissent; but the climate right now makes it difficult to have a discussion or debate about anything. We all have opinions and used to respect the opinions of those who disagreed with us. Now it’s un-American, fascist, whatever, to disagree with certain people. What is wrong with these people? Are they so scared of diversity that they will kill someone who is different? What happened to cooperation and compromise? I fear the anger is misplaced and is being directed at the nearest, weakest, target. And too many people are so blinded by their anger, they can’t think and reason about what’s happening; they merely parrot what they hear from hate-filled people in the media and in churches.

God bless America. We sorely need it.