Life isn’t fair

So we can all agree that life isn’t fair; otherwise we would all be rich, famous, and gorgeous, right? And if life isn’t fair how can we get through it? We get through it by plodding along, putting one foot in front of the other, and keep going. Sometimes it’s really, really hard. And sometimes it flows smoothly and good things happen.

My life has been hard for the last few weeks. The tenant we had moved out in May – terrible timing – and we have had very few nibbles. We owe way more on our property than what it’s worth, just like so many right now. Work here is non-existent for my partner who is having to spend weeks at a time away from home just to earn enough money to pay the mortgage. I had a very sick dog and spent several hundred dollars I couldn’t afford to spend on medical care for him. Terrible disasters are all over the news, and although they don’t affect my life directly, it hurts to see the devastation to people’s lives and to the environment in places I used to live and that still have a place in my heart. It angers me that public figures don’t seem to be affected by all this and just blithely continue collecting their huge paychecks and bonuses and make inane comments about the oil spill being a ‘natural phenomenon’.

But through it all I have tried to keep a positive attitude. When I feel particularly down, I tell myself I can have this pity party for one day only, then I have to get on with my life. The fact that others have a harder time than I do doesn’t make me feel better; it tends to make me more depressed that there are those worse off than I am. I try to count my blessings and be grateful for what I do have.

But it’s hard; and life isn’t fair.