And Now. For Something Completely Different.

Things are going well on the cancer treatment front. My symptoms are subsiding. Reducing the steroid doesn’t seem to be causing any untoward effects. I had energy today. So I thought I would get away from the subject of cancer just for today. Some things have been bothering me, and I need to rant a little. I’ll understand if you don’t want to read this. And nothing here is directed at any one person. I’ve been letting these things rankle for a while, and I need to clear the air.

I am sick and tired of reading memes that are re-posted on Facebook without any attempt to determine their veracity, or even if they are relevant. You know the ones. Lamenting how today’s youth have no respect, wear their pants around their thighs, etc. How do you think they got there? Parents have been lamenting the vagaries of youth since Old Testament times, and probably before that. If you don’t like how youth these days are behaving, then do something about it. Volunteer at a school. Help out with foster kids. Teach kids respect for themselves and others. Quit complaining.

And on the subject of memes, the political ones make me want to scream. I get that some of you don’t like our President. I get that some of you don’t like our Congress. But really, Obama has been president for 6 years. He’s not going anywhere for 2 more years. Get over it. Just because he won’t release his college grades doesn’t mean he’s stupid. And no, he’s not a Muslim. And yes, he’s a US citizen. No matter what you think of him as a person, he is our President. If you don’t like him, you’ll have your chance in a year or so to elect someone else. I hope you like who you get.

And on to religion. I’m tired of whiny christians complaining how they’re being persecuted. Right here in the US. Because some people don’t want God in the public sphere. That’s what the Constitution is all about. Freedom of and freedom from religion. You want to see christians persecuted? Go to a country that is predominantly non-christian. Here in the US you can worship in any church you choose. Or not. You can stand in the middle of the street and pray if you want. There are other religions that are just as valid. Being non-christian does not make one immoral or less than human. And the Constitution is supposed to guarantee there is no one religion given preference above all others. But let’s face it, Christianity is favored above all others. Non-christians have to fight to be recognized in things such as taking an oath of office.

And let’s not even get started on the 2nd amendment! You do know there are other amendments, right? I sometimes wonder if people realize that we also have freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. Although reading the news these days one wouldn’t realize we have these freedoms. Protests are contained to small areas by militaristic police departments. I see protests in other countries and wonder what happened here in the US. I witnessed the 60s first hand. Our generation fought for women’s rights, civil rights, against the war, for peace. And I wonder where all the protestors went. Are today’s young people so out of touch with current events? I see a fascination with celebrity, with ‘reality’ shows that aren’t real, and a lack of interest in voting. The recent mid-term elections are proof of how low we have sunk. Money has taken over politics and we live in an oligarchy that isn’t going to change until we become galvanized to take back our country.

I could probably go on about the decline of intelligence, and the lack of proper grammar, and any number of things. But I’m tired, and I need a nap.

Onward and upward.

22 thoughts on “And Now. For Something Completely Different.

  1. I’m lucky that a lot of these memes don’t cross my page. The US political ones are annoying, and I agree with your sentiments here. I personally think that if more people travelled to other cultures and places, they would see how fortunate they are and how much freedom they really do enjoy here in the West. We’ve seen first-hand the atrocities and lack of freedom…we’ve seen poverty and disability (people with no arms and/or no legs begging on the streets of China), children who can’t go to school because they don’t have a pair of shoes. Once you’ve seen things like that, home looks mighty good. But if I say any of this to people, I get ostracized and can feel the resentment, people don’t want to hear it. We are so blessed, it’s sad how blind so many are to how rich they really are.

  2. There are times when I just have to say it or I’ll explode. It’s like clearing away the dust. And I’m at the point in my life where I really don’t care if people don’t like my opinions. We all have opinions, and the least they can do is respect mine as much as I respect theirs.

  3. Ruth .. You just “got right out there”! And I like it. Thank you. I do not find myself disagreeing with anything you have stated here.

    You wrote this evening that words are important. Grammar is important. I have found, thanks to you, that my English grammar is slipping. I was good at grammar. I liked grammar. I like to write. Or at least, I did like to write. For over 40 yrs., I have been using Swedish as my everyday language. I am good at it, including the pronunciation. But I am not a born Swede or American either, for that matter. I was born in Prague. My first language was Czech which I still can use and understand. Today I am not totally proficient in any of these languages. Although I still most prefer to speak in English. Thanks to you, I have realized that my English is slipping. I don’t remember expressions. My phrasing can be awkward. This is fact and understandable to me.

    However, the English that I have heard and gotten to love, used on college campuses today is a bit different. I know. Changes or developments in a language are essential because our world is changing and developing at an enormous rate. We need new words for ALL of this. Even a new speed for expressing ourselves. Today, multitasking is a male thing as well as a female skill. English is by no means a dead language, like Latin is ( which I studied in college, btw), and so it must live and therefore, change. There are new expressions for feelings and processes that we did not know about in the 60’s. Language is a living thing. I, for one, welcome this evolvement. It is intrinsic (spelling?) to all living languages. And each language reflects the country or areas where it is used. In Sweden, there are 30 words for the term ” snow”.

    You have made me aware of how much I love the study of language. You have also made me aware of where I am in the use of the languages I know very fluently. This is important. So thank you! What if I say that hanging pants are as much a part of today as the modern language used today? I must add that the hanging pants are pretty passé by now. I know that. At least they are here… Passé.

    My goodness, you got me going here! Again, thank you!

    Onward and Upward

  4. Sometimes I just have to clear my brain. I don’t like holding stuff in, but it has to be said at the right time in the right way. It’s never my intent to offend. Sometimes it does anyway, but I can’t always help that.

  5. Wow! Love your spunk, Ruth! Glad you chose to clear your brain and share your “mini-rant” with us. Thanks for speaking out. I agree with Angelika, Iva and the others who posted here before me: that you have the energy to do this tells me you really are feeling better.

    And I’m also a bit envious. Here’s why: Since I bought the NABBW I have had to reign in my online comments on things potentially “socially or politically controversial” because my social media posts and personal correspondence unintentionally offended a bunch of people. While I consider myself to be a “middle of the road” and non-controversial person, those who complained were finding fault with what they saw as my “liberal” viewpoints.

    (And since our country seems to have gotten so judgmental and sanctimonious, those many unintentionally offended people wrote me nasty emails and even left the BWS forum. Even though my “controversial” comments were not posted in the NABBW forum, but on my personal blog.)

    This was an amazing surprise to me, as I hadn’t thought I was saying anything that outrageous. And like you, it is never my intent to offend.

    So hooray for your blog here, Ruth. And please keep telling it like it is…(We like to know how you see the world.)

  6. Just catching up with your blog Ruth and wow! Lady you rock! I love this side of you, in fact I pretty much love everything about you. You have no idea how much you are helping me with my journey. After you mentioned about the face cage I realised I would probably be having one of those too when I have my radiation treatment and the nurse confirmed this last week and also that the fatigue from the radiation is more severe than from the chemo. Fun days eh!?. Well I know that if you, my mentor, can get through this so can I. Take care of yourself sweet friend. Love from me ❤

Ruth passed away from cancer. Please remove from list

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