Back to Maintenance

The CT scan I had yesterday shows my tumors are stable with little change from the last scan. We’re quite relieved! The plan now is to try Avastin only but at a slightly higher dose every 3 weeks. I’m happy to no longer have to take Dexamethosone, but I will have to take blood pressure medication (Lisinopril). It’s a trade off, but I’ll take it.

My onc doc and PA want to see how this works before doing molecular testing, which will require another biopsy. And I’m happy to go along with that. The last biopsy caused nausea and vomiting from whatever the drugs were they gave me, so I’m not anxious to repeat that experience. And the four hours of enforced inactivity before they’d let me go home wasn’t easy for me. I wanted to be up and out of there!

So once again onward and upward.

15 thoughts on “Back to Maintenance

  1. This sounds good, obviously. No tumor growth is good. The new regime sounds good. Putting off any biopsy sounds good. Here’s to a good dinner and a good night’s sleep!

  2. This is really good news! A big blast of sunshine into our grey, rainy and windy nights and days over here. I hope you will get some good resting and sleeping done, too.

    You know, your Onward and Upward is something I say to myself several times a day .. when I fee too tired to get up Again .. when I feel bluesy because of our weather or things I need to figure out…

    Take Care, dear Ruth and enjoy when you can … You Are Worth It!


  3. Going to bed with a grateful heart and big wishes for no more side effects, good transition to the blood pressure meds, and to your desired goal of weight loss (I’ll be good and not post so many pictures of chocolate cakes). I love you and love this good news. (And continuing to carry you in heart and prayers, always). xoxoxo

  4. Congrats on the outstanding news, Ruth! Avastin alone bought me a ton of time, which gives me a lot of hope that it will do the same for you. Fingers crossed.

  5. That’s wonderful news! Well, it’s relatively wonderful news because it’s not bad news.

    On Sat my sister learned that her primary brain tumor has remained stable, but two new, little spots have shown up.
    On Monday my brother learned that his lungs are clear and the suspicious spot on his tonsils is NOT cancer spreading from the primary spot on the tongue, which remains clear.
    Today my cousin learned that her metastatic breast cancer has spread from the lymph nodes into the surrounding muscles. Oh, and her husband, who is also 47, may have ALS.

    Sorry – didn’t mean to rain on your parade. It’s hard to remain positive sometimes. Too damn much cancer.

  6. And this epidemic of cancer has nothing to do with pesticides, and air pollution, and toxins in our food and water. And who knows what else. And yes, it’s hard sometimes to stay positive. But wallowing in pity and negative emotions is a downward spiral I don’t want. It’s okay to feel them once in a while, and I do allow myself to do that, but I don’t let them stay. Hang in there. ❤

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