Update 9/17/14

There really isn’t a whole lot to report. I did have horrible hip and back pain for 2 or 3 days from the Neupogen. Tylenol didn’t help at all, and Vicodin just took the edge off. I had to take that every 4 hours for 24 hours just to get some relief. I don’t like taking strong pain pills, but I was in agony. Even though the Vicodin only took the edge off, I wasn’t willing to take anything stronger, so I just slept a lot, which helped.

This week, I’m feeling normal. I have so much energy! Yesterday I reduced the paper pile in my office and discovered there really is a desk and credenza right here. I now have one smallish pile instead of 4 or 5 big ones. Today we cleaned out the sewing/laundry room, which had been used to put stuff we didn’t know what to do with or that we didn’t want to deal with. We found stuff in there we had been looking for! I still have to organize everything into the containers I bought some time ago with the intention of getting organized, but at least the counter and cabinets are visible. I ran out of juice about half way through the project. So it will be finished tomorrow. And then we tackle the guest room, which has also been used as a dumping ground for stuff.

I have been checking my blood pressure twice a day, and it’s higher than it normally is, so I’m not sure what’s going on there. But at least it’s not in the danger zone like it was. I will check in on Friday for blood work and a pneumonia shot. Then go back on Tuesday for my next round of chemo, providing all signs are good.

I am really enjoying feeling normal and having energy. And I’ll probably feel this way for another week. So I’m enjoying it while it’s here.


6 thoughts on “Update 9/17/14

  1. I love, love, love that you’re getting this good break. It’s heartening to see you up and about with good energy and no painful side effects to contend with for a few days!

    That Neupogen sounds so horrible. My brother took a few doses of it and I don’t recall him being in agony, but he might have taken the hard-core pain meds and then slept through the worst of it. I’m glad you got through it, but hope you don’t have to take any more of that stuff! ❤

  2. I hope I don’t have to take it again, either. But it was because they couldn’t give me the Neulasta because that has to be within 72 hours after chemo. I think that’s an insurance restriction. I had some pain with the Neulasta, but it was more like an achy than actual pain. It’s like everything else – people respond differently.

  3. I could get irritated at seeing you having to use phrases like “insurance restriction,” because I think you should get what’s best for you, regardless. But then my blood pressure would go up, and I’d probably get grumpy and fuss at the cat. So I’ll leave that alone, and just be glad that you’ve moved beyond the effects of the Neupogen. I did go over to the page and read all about it. Oh, my. That’s quite a drug — also the side effects.

    It just tickles me to hear about all that energy you have, and I laughed aloud at you finding things you’d “lost” as you did your reorganizing and such.

  4. We’ve been in this house more than 3 years; stuff sort of got thrown into either the sewing room or the guest room if we didn’t want to deal with it right away. And it sorta piled up. 😀

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