Bump in the Road

My visit to the oncologist on Tuesday was a disappointment. My white count had tanked and my blood pressure was way high, so chemo is postponed for two weeks. I thought the high blood pressure was because of the Dexamethasone – it’s always high on infusion days – but my PA and the oncologist thought it was the Avastin. So I’m now checking my blood pressure a couple of times a day, and today it was back to my normal. I did get a shot of Neupogen to help with the white blood cell count, so by the time I have my next blood work (a week from Friday), the count should be back to normal and I should be able to get back on schedule for chemo the following Tuesday.

I have mixed feelings about the delay. I welcome the relief from side effects for a couple of weeks, but I’m also afraid that the tumors will grow during that time. Maybe that fear is irrational; I don’t know. I can’t control what’s going to happen, so I just have to trust that it won’t be too bad. In the meantime, I hope to use the extra energy I will have to take care of some of the things on my to-do-when-I-retire list, which seems to grow every day while very little gets crossed off.

Where there’s life, there’s hope. 😀

17 thoughts on “Bump in the Road

  1. The good news is that your routine still is less complicated than making a good, Oaxaca-style mole sauce. We’ll just keep our fingers crossed that the result for you is just as tasty as some chicken mole!

    And isn’t that just the way of to-do lists? I’m chugging along, but it does seem to be one step forward, two back, most of the time.

  2. saundragoodman says:

    Blood pressure; back to normal, and quickly. White blood cell count; expected to be normal. Irrational fears; normal and part of the process. I remain hopeful! ❤

  3. When you first posted about the delay, I too was torn. I was glad your body was going to get a break from all those side effects, but also wondered about how the delay will affect your tumors. I wondered why they left it at two weeks instead of one week, with another check on the WBC and blood pressure to see if chemo could be given. Your team is awesome, so I guess we trust their decision and enjoy the break?

    Tackling lists is another one of those yay/groan things. I love being able to tick things off the list, but find that focusing on the unchecked items demoralizing at times. So I make sure there are lots of things on the list that are easy to check off, so they outweigh the unchecked items. Eating a piece of dark chocolate is actually on my daily list, because it’s recommended and healthy for us. That’s an easy one to check off. 😀

  4. BTW, neupogen is the drug that Gary took that cost about $2000.00 a shot. He had bought a few doses of it the day before he was admitted to hospital. It was still in the unopened bag when he passed away. So we donated it to the doctor responsible for the research program for lymphoma…he cried when he opened the bag and saw what it was. He said that we (the family) could not even begin to imagine the enormous gift it was, because the research dept could not possibly afford to purchase Neupogen for their research because of the high cost and so many patients needing it who cannot afford to buy it. But Gary’s would not have been able to be used by another patient, so was perfect for research purposes.. I’ve always hoped it did a lot of good and helped save someone’s life.

  5. It’s Mexican sauce that comes in a variety of forms – some of the red sauces contain chocolate. You’d like those!

    Oh — and one of the green sauces is: guaca mole!

  6. Ruth, after regular chemo I continued on Avastin for another seven months, until kidney side effects ended it. I then went another 11 months without ANY cancer meds before a CT scan showed growth again. My oncologist told me that this happens sometimes after Avastin. I know it feels like flying without a net right now, but I thought I would throw some hope into the mix. Best of luck!

  7. Ruth-I’m sorry your news was not what you had hoped. I love your attitude though and understand how you have mixed feelings.

    I do hope you get to cross off a few more items on that never-ending list!!

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