Another Holding Pattern

My team leader talked with my oncologist late on Tuesday about my shortness of breath and had me go in for a blood test called D-dimer. Without getting all technical, this blood test shows whether or not there are blood clots in the veins (that’s way over simplified, but good enough for this blog!) Karen thought since my shortness of breath wasn’t related to exertion in any way, it could be blood clots in the lungs.

The test came back higher than normal, though not by a lot, so off I went for another CT scan. Fortunately, the scan showed no clots. There was also no fluid buildup in the lungs or around the heart, no evidence of other inflammation in the lungs, and nothing that showed any reason for the breathing problems. My lungs and heart sound good. I’m glad it isn’t blood clots but wish there was some obvious reason for my symptoms – or maybe not. 🙂

So what we came up with is possible bronchitis from the horrible winds we’ve been having this Spring that are blowing dust, pollen, and other particulates all around and my breathing some of that into my lungs. Since bronchitis doesn’t show up on CT or X-ray, this is just a theory. So back to antibiotics to prevent any more serious lung infection from taking hold and a wait-and-see holding pattern again.

11 thoughts on “Another Holding Pattern

  1. I admit to being scared as I began to read this…the idea of blood clots in your lungs…so I’m sitting here praying alleluia for at least the joy of hearing that all of these tests show no clots, fluids, inflammation, etc. I’m sorry that you’re still without definitive answers, though. I hope the antibiotics help.

    What about air conditioning? I know this doesn’t even begin to compare, but I do get a very minor reaction (shortness of breath) when I’m right in the path of the air conditioner or fan. Is it possible your fan/conditioner is pushing that stuff right into your nose/mouth? I can’t believe I’m suggesting such a minor thing when you’ve had x-rays and CT scans, but, well, it’s what does it to me. xoxoxo

  2. I’m so happy to hear there are no clots. My father had those and they weren’t picked up by the doctors. It sounds like you have a wonderful team on your side 😀

  3. Ruth as you know, my mother, who also lives in Arizona was diagnosed with lung cancer about 15 months ago. She had surgery and is diagnosed as cancer free right now. But she too is having a lot of trouble with breathing right now. She’s also had bronchitis.Those winds you are having are causing her to have to wear a mask when she goes outside, and to have to use oxygen almost all the time. All I can say is that I am praying for you. Please stay inside as much as possible, at least until the season for these winds — are they the Santa Anna’s? — are over.

  4. There’s no question the dust and allergens can wreak havoc with our systems. The pollen here has been so thick that the first time it rained, the surface of the marina water was coated with it. It did make pretty swirls, though.

    No blood clots is tremendous news. The rest can be coped with, although my memories of the year I got bronchitis still are so vivid I know how difficult that coping can be. A few nice rainy days is what you need — or at least one danged good storm to clear the air. Wouldn’t it be great if we could prescribe a thunderstorm for Mother Nature? 😉

  5. These winds are awful, Anne, as I’m sure your mom has told you. We normally get winds in the Spring, but this has been dragging on and on with winds much higher than normal.

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