Nothing to Report

It’s been awhile since I wrote a post, and that’s a good thing, because it means nothing new. But now my scan date is approaching, and I find myself getting a little anxious already. I’m afraid that the cancer has grown, but I know the CEA level isn’t necessarily a good indication. Between now and Tuesday afternoon, I have to try to settle myself down instead of allowing my imagination to run wild.

On a positive note, I have started going to the gym. My Medicare Supplement Plan comes with a free gym membership, so I decided it would be silly not to take advantage of it. I am seriously out of shape and overweight. Some of it is inactivity and overeating, some of it is the steroids. Even if I don’t lose weight I will feel better, and I already feel more energized. There are lots of exercise sessions as well as Yoga, and Pilates, and water aerobics. I’m starting out easy with the ‘old people’ classes and will eventually, I hope, graduate to Zumba, because that looks like fun and I miss dancing.


9 thoughts on “Nothing to Report

  1. Our imaginations love a good workout too, but given the freedom to go where they want to, they’ll take us to the worst-case scenario. When I was diagnosed with my cancer several years ago, I had to wait close to two months to find out how extensive (or not) the cancer was. It was brutal, and I had myself dead and buried within 3-6 months. Thankfully, they moved the appt up Christmas Eve so I wouldn’t have to go through Christmas not knowing. As you know, it turns out that it was so tiny that the operation took care of it all and I didn’t even need chemo or radiation. I know yours is scarier because you already know that your cancer is there…I wish you didn’t have to wait so long to know for sure what’s happening with it. I’m keeping you in prayers and hoping that peace outweighs the worry. xoxoxo

  2. Hi Ruth, I find steriods make me feel ravenously hungry and tired – a vicious circle I suppose. The gym membership sounds like an excellent idea. I’ve just joined a a programme for people with health problems and have found that the old folk are in better shape than I am …embarassing. Hehe.

  3. Hi Ruth, I’m glad to see another post from you, and delighted that you are taking advantage of your gym membership opportunity. I’ve read that the benefits of being physical –using our bodies — far exceed the benefit to our physical selves. So go and enjoy. The endorphins will make you feel good. And who can’t like that?

  4. I know how that feels! There are some people in the class that look to be in their 80s and they keep going after I’m done! 🙂

    But just keep going; you’ll catch up.

  5. Exercise class sounds like a great idea. Graduating Zumba? Ok, you clearly have motivation and energy. I’m not good with exercise involving group movements and music.

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