The Price of Being Sick

Oh, where to start on this one!! So I have pretty good insurance even though there’s a huge deductible. Today, I found out a few facts that blew me away.

I called the hospital billing office where the bulk of my deductible is being billed and said I wanted to set up a payment plan. I told the woman how much I could afford to pay monthly; her response was if I couldn’t pay what they wanted me to pay, they could still send me to collections, even if I was making payments. So how is that fair? If I don’t make their minimum monthly payment, my credit gets ruined? And to add insult to injury, another hospital in their system owes me a refund – since Dec 5th – of about $1,000. Now that’s not chump change; that’s a good bit of what I could use to pay the bill to the other hospital. When would I get my check? I asked. I’ll put in the request for processing today – it will take 4-6 weeks before it’s mailed. Excuse me, I say; you’ve owed me this money for almost a month; nobody made any attempt to process a refund; and you can’t apply it to the other bill because it’s a different hospital even though the billing is in the same office?? That’s correct, she says.

By the time I got done dealing with that and with my Disability Insurance company (oh, wait until I get started on that one!), I was exhausted. Tomorrow I intend to call the hospital that owes me a refund and find out why nothing was ever done about it before now!

Stay tuned!

12 thoughts on “The Price of Being Sick

  1. It doesn’t pay to get sick. The same thing happen to my son when his wife had surgery. You have to pay them or you don’t get the surgery. ON THE SPOT. They were blown away. Poor things had to pay them 1200.00 that day. It’s ridiculous. What you are experiencing is even more ridiculous. They want you to pay up front, but yet they can hold YOUR refund? I’d be calling me the local news and have them do a program on it. Watch um dance….

  2. Oh, I’m going to call them tomorrow and ask them if they’d like some ‘free’ publicity. See how they like that. I had to pay them that money before I had the procedure, then my insurance co paid them. Sounds like fraud to me – getting paid twice for the same thing.

  3. Just say those dreaded words….”You got some splainin’ to do Lucyyyyy.” Insurance is a fraud just like the pharmaceutical companies. You betcha. And now the gov’t can penalize us if we choose not to have it? What’s next. Oh don’t get me started….

  4. This just leaves my head spinning! Terrible injustice in every way! I’m sorry you have to deal with this at all, much less when you’re also having to deal with the whole chemo thing.

  5. It’s sad that in the greatest country on earth, a person is afraid of getting sick. And whent they do get sick, they get weaker just trying to figure out how to pay the bills. This shouldn’t happen. It’s wrong. And I agree with Georgia about calling the local news and let their investigators expose the unfair practices.

  6. Unfortunately, Sharon, healthcare is big business here. Very few, if any, hospitals are non-profit any more; they’re all owned by big business and can pretty much do what they want.

  7. I agree, Bonnie. But hospitals are owned by big corporations now, and corporations can do what they want without punishment, even if they break the law. I’m not done yet.

  8. Our Conservative politicians don’t believe in taking care of the poor, the sick, the very young, and the old. And they profess to be Christian. They certainly don’t act very Christ-like.

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