I woke up early this morning with wicked acid reflux that caused me to be up for a couple of hours. I took some medicine and it finally eased so I could go back to bed. I think I probably forgot to take my medicine after dinner – I’m blaming that on ‘chemo brain’. I have been having trouble finding the right words for things lately. Sometimes I have to describe something in a roundabout way because I can’t remember the name for it. There is a long technical name for this cognitive impairment, but I’ll just call it chemo brain. I’m not having trouble concentrating yet, but the lack of having the right word for things is bothersome, especially since language is so important to me. But this will eventually pass.

The other thing that’s happening is hair loss – and not just the hair on my head. My pubic hair is falling out too, and that is weird. I know they told me it wouldn’t only be the hair on my head, and I knew it would include eyebrows and eyelashes, which are pretty much thin and almost non-existent anyway, but I didn’t think about the other hairs.

It will be interesting to see what color the hair on my head will be when it grows back in. I can’t remember the last time my hair wasn’t dyed blonde, or red, or brown, or some combination thereof. I know there’s probably a lot of grey now, because I see it in my roots when it’s time for color. And I’ve been told the texture sometimes changes when it grows back; maybe I’ll get the thick, luxurious hair I’ve always envied in other women; and maybe I won’t. I will just have to be patient.

7 thoughts on “Hair

  1. I was so surprised to learn that hair often grows back with a different texture or color after chemo. The body is a strange and wonderful thing, for sure.

    Right now, I’m dealing with the opposite. After I was diagnosed with glaucoma, I began using eye drops. The first ones didn’t quite do the trick, so my doctor added a second. The combination is controlling the glaucoma just fine, but the side effect is – luxurious eyelashes! Since I’m using that second drop only in one eye, one I looks like it belongs to Mata Hari and the other’s just plain old me.

    The good news is that I’m not suffering the other side effect of that second drop. Some people turn black around their eye, as though they’re bruised up from a bar fight. 😉

  2. I’ve heard of the glaucoma drops doing that – too bad you couldn’t use that one in both eyes. And I’m glad you’re not getting the ‘raccoon eyes’! 🙂

  3. I’ve always wanted white hair, like my Mom’s and my Aunt’s. Mine’s just old blonde-grey now. It will be interesting to see what yours looks (and feels) like when it grows back.

    Acid reflux is so much more troublesome than people (who don’t have it) comprehend. I suffered from it for years, to the point of having the head of my bed raised. I don’t suffer as much anymore, because I avoid the triggers (like caffeine after 3pm, heavy foods for supper, etc). One of the things I detest the most is when I have post-nasal drip and bad reflux at the same time. I still haven’t found any medication or treatment that works other than just waiting it out (usually about a week)…during that time I don’t dare go anywhere (too graphic to share, but suffice to say it can be extremely embarrassing). I hope your reflux passes quickly and painlessly! xoxo

  4. We have the head of our bed raised, too, but it doesn’t seem to help. I’m not sure what the triggers are for me – it doesn’t seem to be anything I can pinpoint and it’s not consistent. Guess I’ll just keep taking the medication for now and hope it eventually goes away.

  5. Have you had reflux before, or just since the chemo? I would daresay that the chemo, and the entire cocktail of medications, are the triggers these days. Though I would also dare to say that lots of mashed potatoes with lots of gravy for supper might be a suspect as well…depending on how late you eat and what time you go to bed. But that’s one of your comfort foods right now, so let’s blame the reflux on the chemo. Sometimes it’s a trade-off…

  6. I had the reflux before, so that’s one thing I can’t blame on the chemo. And I have finally convinced Steve to make smaller portions (it only took 18 years!! LOL) so I think it’s just age and being overweight.

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