We met with my treatment coordinator today; sort of good news. I am very anemic from the chemo, and more blood tests will help figure out what we need to do about it. There are several options depending on what the blood tests show. Also, she thought the last round of chemo was extremely hard on me, so on Monday we will begin a new treatment protocol of 3 weeks on and 1 week off. I will have chemo for the next 3 Mondays with different drugs, then one week off. I will still need to have blood work every week.

The coordinator thinks this new treatment will be just as effective but without the potentially permanent side effects of the current treatment. I didn’t know what to expect from the initial drugs so didn’t know the nausea, and rash, and hearing issues, and other things, were so horrible – sometimes ignorance is bliss!

Also, I’m feeling like I’m getting a cold; that stuffy-scratchy-throat-congested-chest feeling. Because I’m starting to cough, she started me on a Z-pack of antibiotics as a precaution along with OTC cold medicine. She also recommended I go back to using my inhaler.

So things aren’t too bad at the moment. Downside is I couldn’t go to work today; my boss is awesome and told me to take care of myself first and don’t worry about work (hard for me to do!) I will try again tomorrow. 🙂


4 thoughts on “News

  1. 3headedtoad says:

    Good news and mediocre news! But, regardless of what Gary Gnu says… any news is good news! We love you and are rooting for you!

  2. I wonder if they start with the strongest treatments first, both to gauge your body’s tolerance to them, but also to give a good blast at the tumors. Every Monday (even if “only” 3) sounds aggressive, keeping hope and prayers that this regime will be easier on your body! Where is that magic wand?????

  3. Wish there were a magic wand, Sharon, wouldn’t that be great? I don’t know why they start with any particular treatment; different drugs have different effects on different people. I suppose they start with whatever they think will work best.

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