Winter in the desert

Yesterday and today have been shorts and t-shirt weather. Last week was down jacket, gloves, and hats. But since the weather was so nice, we went out yesterday and again today to explore new places for photo safaris. I came across a web site for finding easy hikes around our area – you might find it useful, too.

ImageIt always amazes me that plants can grow out of rock. I know that there’s a crack in the rock, and that there’s dirt in that crack, but it’s still amazing.ImageI’m sure there’s a spider in there somewhere!


I love rocks! There are so many colors and shapes within a rock. I was a Geology major for a while, and loved it, but I’ve forgotten a lot of what I learned.

ImageThe Sonoran Desert is amazing; so many different biomes in such a small area.

ImageThe shape and size of this dead tree is so beautiful. The trunk is mostly hollow, so I’m sure the tree won’t be standing for too much longer. There is still beauty in Winter.

ImageI have to include this shot; this saguaro is such a beautifully healthy specimen. From the size and the number of arms, it’s probably somewhere between 100 and 200 years old.


6 thoughts on “Winter in the desert

  1. These are fantastic shots! It always amazes me how plants can grow out of stone – but I have mint growing out of my back steps that I just can’t get rid of ūüėČ

  2. deanmelbourne says:

    Nice to be transported around the world by these shots. Funny how the bit of the planet we know well is so interesting and exotic to others. Thanks for showing me ! Dean

  3. We have more grass growing up through our driveway than we do in the lawn. It is amazing when plants — especially trees — can find a little crack in a rock and call it home. Maybe we should take a lesson?

  4. Yes, we should. There was once a tree in my old neighborhood that was growing from a crack between the roadway and the curb. It must have been at least 4 feet high before somebody cut it down. But it kept coming back!

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