It seems a shame that we have only one day out of 365 to give thanks. For me, every day is a Thanksgiving Day. We take so much of what we have in life for granted; the simple act of flipping a switch gives us light, or heat, or air conditioning. Our water is drinkable, our air is breathable. We have such luxuries as toilet paper and indoor plumbing. We have the freedom to work, to play, to marry or not, to move to another place, to buy or rent a home. We have food on our table and running water. There is so much to be thankful for.

For many people, Thanksgiving Day is merely the beginning of the big shopping season leading up to Christmas and New Year’s. Some have been camped out, in tents, since as early as Monday, to get some perceived bargain. When did Thanksgiving Day change from being a day to be with family and giving thanks? Retailers make a good deal of their profit between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so it is in their best interest to start as early as possible. They weren’t satisfied opening in the early morning hours of the day after; they weren’t satisfied opening at midnight; now they’re opening on Thanksgiving Day to chase the almighty dollar.

I have seen postings on Facebook saying that soldiers don’t get Thanksgiving off so why are these retail sales people complaining about their holiday being ruined. Which entirely misses the point. When you sign up for certain jobs, you know you will be working nights, weekends, holidays, and long 24-hour days in some cases. It’s one thing to know that going in to a job; and another to have this thrust upon you at the last minute.

So let’s focus on giving thanks for what we have instead of worrying about the bargains we might get. And are they really bargains worth giving up your family for?

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8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. The American “Black Friday” has spread to Canada…many of our big stores are having Black Friday sales tomorrow…but it’s not a holiday here, so a slightly different atmosphere.

    I agree, everyday should be a Thanksgiving Day…it’s been said that even just keeping a daily gratitude journal can add 2-3 years to your life…nurturing a gratitude attitude is one of the healthiest things we can do for ourselves. Having an official Thanksgiving Day should be a reminder to be grateful everyday, and not the only opportunity we take to express our thanks.

    But it IS a lovely holiday, when we can keep that spirit of thanksgiving alive and in focus…I’d love a good turkey dinner with all the trimmings…maybe next year we’ll plan to celebrate along with our American neighbours!

  2. I get irritated when people say things about retail workers; “They should be grateful they have a job”, when the job they have generally doesn’t pay a living wage or benefits. It’s endemic in our economy and an attitude that the “haves” seem to be cultivating. Sorry for the mini-rant. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. There is, indeed, so much to be grateful for.

  3. I agree! And I think Walmart is the biggest offender. We, the taxpayers, are helping to support their workers with food stamps and welfare, while the Waltons aren’t hurting for money – they have more money than they know what to do with!

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