NaNo Day 15

Halfway through the month and I’m waaay behind on word count. I’m struggling through this one. By the time I get home from work, sitting down to write isn’t always what I want to do. It’s a good thing I will have Thursday and Friday off next week. That’s four days of writing, I hope.

I’m not sure what my characters are up to, but they’re not giving me much help. But I’ll keep plodding along; and introducing new characters; and chiding the current ones to get with the program. 


7 thoughts on “NaNo Day 15

  1. Thank goodness for the holiday weekend coming up!! I’m even more behind on my word count, but I had to let it go this week and face up to the fact that I’m sick. We’ll catch up – we will, we will!

  2. wlouison says:

    Whenever I get behind in NaNo…it happens nearly every year, I have a few days where I think I’m not going to finish…and then I write 10k in a day and everything is good again! Keep pushing, keep writing and keep smiling! 🙂

  3. I have NO idea what it’s like to write a book or to rely on your characters to do something. However, I do know, through reading your posts for several months now, that you are a very creative woman, you’ll get it done. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself, relax. Maybe then the words will come.

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