NaNo progress

So here it is Day 3 and I’m already behind on word count. But that’s okay because I know I’ll catch up before the end of the month. Several of my writing buddies are way ahead of me, and a few are way behind. But it is only Day 3. I didn’t write at all yesterday because of work, and appointments I had after work, and having to eat dinner. I planned to at least write a little, but after almost falling asleep over my keyboard I decided sleep would be more beneficial than writing junk because I was too tired to think.

I made my word count today and on Day 1. And tomorrow is another day…


4 thoughts on “NaNo progress

  1. I’m right with you, Ruth. I was so exhausted yesterday that I gave in to the need to sleep, instead of having to backtrack and fix my garbage. I’m still chipping away at the word count tonight, but painfully slow!

  2. Congratulations on participating in NaNoWriMo. I successfully wrote a book that way several years ago, and I’m just now editing it. Last year I tried, but had to quit. Anyhow, hang in there! Can’t wait to see what you create.

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