I was thinking today about funerals and eulogies, because yet another friend has lost someone close to him. There are always glowing tributes posted online, in obituary notices, and at funerals. I am sorry that so many people have lost loved ones. But it did get me thinking.

What if, instead of waiting until after someone dies, we tell them now how much they mean to us? I know how easy it is to take someone for granted, or to be taken for granted. We are involved in the daily grind and absorbed with keeping body and soul together. The people in our lives will always be there, or so we think. Perhaps it’s time to think about what we would say at their funerals and say it to them now. After they are dead, it’s too late.

I am making a list of the people in my life; family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, former classmates that I am still in touch with, and everyone who has ever meant something to me, and it’s a long list. I plan to write a eulogy for each one of them. And then I am going to write to them or tell them in person what a difference they have made in my life.

Won’t you join me and do the same for those in your life?


Ruth passed away from cancer. Please remove from list

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