I dream…

…of a world where people are not treated differently because of their gender identification. Where people are free to live their lives the way they want.

Where people are not denigrated because of their political leanings. Where they are not called names by the ‘other’ side but where there is real discussion and conversation.

Where people are not judged by the color of their skin but by their actions. Where we never, ever, describe someone with disparaging words about their culture or heritage.

Where children are free to be children without worrying that they will be abused in some way or forced into situations where they must look and act like adults.

Where our companion animals are safe, comfortable, and with their medical needs taken care of. Where there is no need for animal shelters because all pets are spayed or neutered and in good homes.

Where we honor the older members of our society. Where they are respected and heard. Where their wisdom is given credence.

Where the power of money holds no sway but where everyone has enough to put a roof over their heads, with good food to eat, clean air and clean water freely available, where education is available to all.

Where we take care of the environment given to us by our Creator, and all living things are respected just for being.

And I can dream…


Ruth passed away from cancer. Please remove from list

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