I read something interesting yesterday: that depending on others too much can make us vulnerable. I thought about this and decided this is probably true. Sharing responsibility with others can be a good thing, and relying on someone else can be a comfort. But we are the only ones responsible for us. I am responsible for myself.

When we depend on others, it is too easy to let them make decisions for us and then blame them if it doesn’t work out. We need to be able to flex our mental muscles by reasoning, weighing decisions, learning new things. Muscles become stronger with use; muscles unused become flabby and start wasting away. The same can happen to our brains, minds, thinking processes. We have to make our own decisions, and yes, deciding not to decide is a decision.

We are all part of the world, but we are also the only ones we can ultimately depend on; we learn, we reason, we decide. Having a good friend is a wonderful thing, as long as we use her only as a sounding board and do not allow her to make the decision for us. And if she is truly a good friend, she will ask questions, make comments, and help you make your own decision but will not make it for you.

Ruth passed away from cancer. Please remove from list

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