It is so difficult to be grateful when times are hard. But as I look around, I see those who are worse off than I am. It doesn’t make my trials any easier to bear, but it does make me grateful for the things I have: good health, a home, a vehicle, furry four-legged friends who will do anything for love and who love me no matter what, a best friend and partner who is there to listen, a job where I am appreciated. So the hard times maybe aren’t so hard. I see animals being turned in to our shelter every day whose owners are being foreclosed; I see animals who are abused, neglected, yet still have love to give. Who am I to complain?

Good news/bad news

Have you heard the saying, if it wasn’t for bad news there would be no news at all? Sometimes it is, if it wasn’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all? Well, let me tell you that neither is true! These sayings must have come from the-glass-is-half-empty type people because there is good news and good luck all around us; we have only to change our attitude to see good.

If you focus on bad news/luck, then that’s all you ever see; if you focus on good news/luck, then that’s what you get. Don’t believe it? Then don’t think about white cars. Now how many white cars do you think you will see in one day? Experiment with this. Then change your focus to good news/luck. Imagine having what you want; act as if you have it and see what happens.

Good luck!!