Hard times

How do you handle difficult times? I think many of us are going through hard times right now. Those of us still employed don’t know when the ax will fall; those of us between jobs don’t know if we’ll find another one. How we handle difficulties says a lot about who we are. Do you fret and worry; make yourself miserable; take it out on others? Or do you keep a positive attitude; believe in yourself; help others out? Sometimes the only difference between feeling good about yourself and not feeling good about yourself is attitude. I have seen perfectly healthy people moan and complain about how ill they are, and others who are obviously ill be upbeat and in a good mood, helping others out. How you act often reflects how you feel about yourself. If you are constantly expecting things to go wrong; they will. If you believe in Murphy’s Law; things will go wrong. If you expect things to work out for you, they will; perhaps not how you think they should, but they will work out for you.

I truly believe that the difficulties I have had in my life have made me who I am today, and I like who I am.