A New Beginning

The Advantages of Being Bald

Posted on: January 2, 2014

Now that the hair on my head has been gone for a few days, I’ve discovered several advantages to being bald. First and foremost: no bad hair days. My hair is baby fine and wispy, so it was always very difficult to get it to look good day after day. And I’m all thumbs when it comes to styling my hair. I finally gave up and went for cuts that I could just throw in some gel, scrunch, and go. My hair never looked the same two days in a row no matter what I did.

Another plus, I was always having to use a hairband to keep hair off my face when using a facial scrub or a masque, otherwise half of the gunk ended up in my hair and I would have to wash it again.

It doesn’t take as long to shower in the morning because I don’t have to shampoo and condition my hair. And I don’t have to spend time messing with it after I’m dressed.

I can change the hat/scarf/wig I’m wearing on any day to match my mood and/or my outfit.

I’m saving money on shampoo and conditioner and gel. All I need is a quick wipe over with the washcloth and I’m done.

No hair to clog the drains.

No hair all over my pillow to get up my nose and wrapped in my eyelashes.

No stray hairs getting stuck in my glasses and driving me nuts waving in front of my eyes.

I’m sure there are more advantages, but these are ones I thought of this morning.

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8 Responses to "The Advantages of Being Bald"


Just trying to be positive! :-)

Great positive perspective! All I can think is, here in Minnesota where we have finally reached our high temp for the day of 1 degree, I’d have to wear those stupid Scandinavian flap hats if I were bald. So, another plus for bald + warm location!

I can’t imagine living somewhere that gets that cold – sorry. I lived in Vermont for one winter – that was enough!

Here’s one. If you’re bald and insist on soaring, even metaphorically, you might get confused with a bald eagle. Then you’d be a protected species!

I have baby-fine, short hair, too. You make being bald sound so appealing, perhaps I shall shave it all off when the weather warms! ;-)

I was pleasantly surprised at how good it feels! I thought I would be totally depressed once it was shaved off, but I must admit I’m liking it. Plus I get to wear cute hats and scarves! :-)

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